Can I Spray Anti-Allergen Spray on the Mattress

Can I Spray Anti-Allergen Spray on the Mattress

Why can’t I just spray the bed, why do I have to have a cover?  WOW! We get that question quite a bit.  Especially when people are watching every penny and making sure that they don’t spend more than they need to get the results they desire.

I hear from people more and more who want to know why they must cover their mattress to protect against dust mites and why they can’t just spray the bed with Allersearch ADMS or ADS AntiAllergen Spray.

In order to understand why you have to understand the dynamics of how you are exposed to dust mites.

The dust mites live in your mattress and feed on the shed human skin cells.  They have burrowed down into the mattress where it is nice and dark.  They are not walking around on the top so much.  Too light there! 

When you sit on the bed or move about on the bed, the force of your movement sends the particles of dust mites, their dead bodies, and their feces into the air. 

Once these particles are in the air, you inhale them.  It is like a rain shower of allergens.  It is your movement that forces the particles out from deep inside the mattress.

If you were to spray the bed, you would only denature the allergens right on the top.   Even if you sprayed all sides of the mattress, you would not penetrate very far.  In order to get through a 9-inch mattress, you would have to all but soak it in the denaturing agent. 

So, once you had it soaked through….how would you dry it out?  See, you couldn’t!  So, you would have a wet, soggy mattress on your hands and probably looking at mold growth.  What a waste of your time and money and several bottles of spray.

When you put a zippered dust mite proof cover on your mattress, you put a barrier between you and those particles.  No matter how much you move about on the bed, the particles will lift up out of the mattress, hit the barrier and then fall harmlessly back to the mattress.  You won’t ever be exposed.

Now, that isn’t to say that I haven’t ever sprayed my bed with ADMS Spray! 

Since I don’t wash the dust mite proof cover very often, I will on occasion spray the top side of my dust mite cover with ADMS Spray.  This is usually when I have stripped the bed to wash the sheets in De-Mite Laundry Additive and am spraying the dust ruffle, comforter, and decorative pillows. 

I always make sure the cover is dry before I put the sheets back on. To tell the truth, when recovering from a bad cold or the flu (and that is rare now my allergies are under control) I have been known to spray my sheets with ADMS.

I know that it really isn’t doing anything more than the washing in De-Mite, but it still makes me feel better.  That counts for something, doesn’t it?

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