Where to Use Allersearch ADMS Anti-Allergen Spray

Where to Use Allersearch ADMS Anti-Allergen Spray

There are several different anti-allergen sprays on the market. Most are either tannic acid-based or use enzymes, alkalis or acids to neutralize the proteins that cause allergic reactions. 

The most common indoor allergen is dust mite. The allergic reaction is caused by exposure to the Der f1 protein found in the feces and dead bodies of dust mites.

Another common indoor allergen comes from the Can d1 and Fel d1 proteins that are found in the saliva and urine of dogs and cats. Outdoor allergens like pollens and molds can become indoor allergens when they are carried indoors on our clothing or our hair. 

No matter what kind of allergen, ADMS Anti-Allergen Spray can safely neutralize allergens and render them harmless. ADMS does not stain and is safe for almost all fabrics and finishes. That is why it is our number one recommended spray for allergens. 

You can spray ADMS on fabric surfaces such as decorative pillows, bed skirts, draperies, low pile carpeting and rugs, upholstered furniture and car interiors. It does not have an odor and dries quickly.

Many customers will spray their mattress with the ADMS but that is not necessary if you have it covered with a mattress protector. 

If you want to treat your pet’s bedding in between washings, just spray with ADMS. Have a futon that you can’t cover with a zippered encasement? Just treat the futon once a month with a light spray of ADMS. 

ADMS can be used on hard surfaces as well. This is particularly important if you have animal allergies and are trying to live in the same house or apartment that was previously occupied by a pet owner.

ADMS can be sprayed on rags and then walls, baseboards, door frames and window sills can be wiped down to remove animal allergens. 

ADMS contains no tannic acid so it will not stain. Because it is not tannic acid-based, it must be applied more frequently than tannic acid-based products. In most instances, one treatment a month is all that is needed. 

If you travel, ADMS is a perfect travel companion. You can spray the bedding, carpet, and air conditioner in a hotel room as soon as you arrive and rest easy knowing you have denatured any pesky allergens lurking in the room. 

Allersearch ADMS anti-allergen spray is effective on molds, pollen, animal dander, dust mite, cockroach and all other common indoor and outdoor allergens. If you have allergies, you need ADMS Anti-allergen Spray.

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