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If you are allergic to dust mites, even if you have protected your mattress and pillows with covers, it is important that the bedding on top be washed once a week.

While your zippered covers are keeping any new mites from getting in the mattress and pillows,  you don’t want to get a build-up of mite allergens on top of the covers.  If you don’t wash bedding weekly, that build up will trigger your allergies. 

Many doctors recommend you wash everything in hot water but what they don't tell you is hot water can damage the fabric.

We have been washing all of our sheets and other bedding in cold and warm water for years and they still look great.  It is just as effective as hot water (even more so) and it is much kinder to the fabric.

If you have a cover made of the urethane-coated fabrics, it is important that you do not use liquid chlorine bleach when you wash your allergy mattress cover.   Bleach will damage the urethane backing. 

Make sure that your mattress, your allergy mattress covers, and all the bedding is completely dry before you put the bed back together.  You don’t want anything damp as that could promote mold growth, not a good thing! 

The best night’s sleep is that first night in bed after everything has been scrubbed and washed.  What a great feeling!