Airpura Air Purifiers - Revolutionary technology is proven to eliminate a wide range of chemicals, pollutants, and odors leaving only clean and fresh air.

Since 2004, Airpura’s mission has been to address the plethora of issues that are responsible for indoor air pollution. Their customized solutions have brought clean indoor air to millions of people worldwide.

AirPura Air Purifiers

The new models of Airpura air purifiers incorporate many new features and design modifications that make it one of the finest specialized air cleaning systems available today. The Airpura air purification systems remove the harmful airborne contaminants that concern us all.

Whether you are looking for an all-around air purifier or one specifically for removing tobacco smoke, VOCs, or specific chemicals, Airpura has an air purifier tailored for your needs. Airpura air purifiers are also particularly well suited for those with MCS.

Each system has been designed to provide you the cleanest air possible in your home or office.

All Airpura air purifiers have the same very important features that you need and want in your air cleaner.

  • All Airpura air purifiers have a metal housing and do not use plastics or glue which can off-gas and cause irritation.
  • The design is simple but highly effective and features unobstructed airflow and a powerful motor to move a lot of air quickly, quietly, and efficiently.
  • Pressure seal: Airpura's unique pressure seal on the filter chamber ensures that all of the dirty air passes through the filters. Other systems allow leakage and do not achieve the 99.97 % Hepa filtration rating;
  • Maximize filtration with no rubber off-gassing found with other filters and using a felt gasket to seal the filter chamber.;
  • No plastic vapors are emitted due to our all-metal housing;
  • Backward curved motorized impeller eliminates the vibrations and noise associated with older motor and shaft setups;
  • Motor out of the airflow. Most air purifiers blow the clean air over the motor and pick up fresh impurities;
  • Unimpeded airflow simple and direct internal airflow avoids the air turbulence, inefficiency, and noise associated with more convoluted systems;
  • Separate electrical parts chamber prevents any off-gassing from capacitors, condensers or switches;
  • Softer appearance and 360-degree air intake and distribution due to a perforated steel exterior
  • Separately changeable filters. The HEPA and carbon filters can be changed separately so you only change them when appropriate and save operating costs.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Can AirPura air cleaner help reduce exposure to the Coronavirus?

According to NASA, an air purifier equipped with a medical-grade HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air)-rated filter can technically capture a portion of airborne virus-sized particles (NASA study). Once trapped, viruses cannot multiply on their own or remain infectious for long.

In another study, atmospheric researchers from Goethe University demonstrated that air purifiers with a class H13 filter (HEPA) can lower aerosol concentration in a classroom by 90 percent within 30 minutes. Because this significantly reduces the risk of airborne infection with SARS-CoV-2, the scientists recommend placing such air purifiers in classrooms. 

Please remember - NO air purifier can completely protect you from a virus.