Air Quality Monitor

The EPA says the air quality within our homes can be up to seven or eight times worse than outdoors and during certain times way more than that too. Your ability to monitor indoor air quality (IAQ) has never been needed more.

Not sleeping well lately? Have the kid's allergies been acting up more lately? Poor air quality in your home can negatively impact your sleep, and physical energy, and cause cold symptoms like teary eyes or sniffles; not to mention dreadful words like lung disease or cancer.

Ordinary things found in our homes or workplaces such as wooden furniture, cleaning products, or carpets, all contribute to the air we breathe. 

Unvented cooking, harmful appliances, your car idle in the garage, and even the number of people inside a room greatly affect the quality of our indoor air. In the process of trying to keep our homes secure by locking doors and keeping the windows shut we are causing even more problems.

Now, this technology is made available to the home user at an affordable price. Up until now, the only quality particulate air quality monitors available for purchase cost $1000's dollars that were mainly sold to hospitals, laboratories, clean room facilities, etc. 

The Allergy Store's selection of portable indoor air quality monitors will give you important information for you to assess whether or not your indoor air is clean. They will help you stay proactive in the health of your family.

You can make the changes to keep the air your family breathes clean. Knowing the quality of the air you’re breathing helps you make better decisions about how you live, work, learn, and play. 

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