DeMite Laundry Additive

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  • De-mite laundry additive eliminates dust mite allergens in bedding and washable clothing that laundering in regular detergent alone does not do.

    Until now the only way to rid your clothing of dust mite allergens was to wash them in hot water (140 degrees). That's great if all your clothes were white. De-mite is an anti-allergen additive that you add to your favorite detergent. This product works just as effectively in cold and warm water as it does in hot.

    Available in 8 oz and 33.6 oz (Liter) bottles.

    "I have been using Demite for years. Without it, I get rashes from clothing where dust mite residue did not rinse out. Keep it in stock! And thanks for the shrink wrapping in shipping—no leaks!" RetroFashion

    Due to a change in production facilities, Demite laundry additive will not be available until the end of September or early October. We do have Allersearch Allergen Wash laundry detergent and Allersearch Acaril laundry additive in stock,