Mold and Mildew Test Kit

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Medical studies have found that mold & mildew are the #1 cause of allergic symptoms. The black mold Stachybotrys found in the home, office and school environments has been linked to fatal pulmonary disorders.

Our simple do-it-yourself test identifies dangerous molds & mildew within 48 hours. Each mold gives you the ability Easy to follow instructions included with each test kit.
Optional lab analysis is available, which indicates the exact count and type of mold & mildew present.

PRO-LAB's Mold & Mildew Test Kit utilizes a patented laboratory analytical method for accuracy and reliability.

To help in the detection of mold, do you notice any of the following?&nbsp

  • Discoloration or black mold on baseboards, wallboards, or wallpaper.
  • Cracks in shower tile, lack of caulking, loose toilet seal, leaks under sink
  • Carpet and padding in direct contact with concrete slab
  • Poorly maintained or dirty air conditioning/heating vents and filters
  • Damp basement or crawl space
  • Water penetration (watermarks on walls, mold spots on walls)
  • Musty/ moldy odor