Airpura T600 Air Purifier

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Color: Black

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Remove the 4,000 chemicals, tars and gases found in Tobacco Smoke. The Airpura T600 air purifier is specially designed to deal with tobacco smoke. The T600 features a special TarBarrier pre-filter combined with a extra deep carbon bed to absorb the 4,000 chemicals and gases found in cigar and cigarette smoke.

Tobacco contains harmful chemicals and gases including benzene, toluene, formaldehyde and at least 60 other carcinogens. The T600's 26lb Carbon Bed absorbs these chemicals and more. The TarBarrier traps the tar emitted from smoking cigarettes and cigars the same way the cigarette filter does and removes them from the air.

Effective for up to 2,000 square feet - Changes the air approximately every 30 minutes

  • 18lb Activated carbon bed that absorbs odors, chemicals and gases like a sponge.
  • A powerful 560 cfm, yet quite variable speed motor that allows you to select your idea level of filtration. The motor is not in the air flow so there is no chance of it picking up new impurities before the clean air is exhausted.
  • Felt gaskets seal the filter chamber which maximizes filtrationHow AirPura UV 600 Air Purifier Works. No rubber in these machines to off-gas.
  • Best warranty - 5 years parts and 10 years labor (excluding replacement filters)

Long Lasting Filters

  • Carbon filters - change at least every 3-6 months depending on use Tar Barriers need to be changed at least every 4-6 months depending on use HEPABarrier filters - lasts up to 5 years in regular use