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Medical studies have found that mold & mildew are the #1 cause of allergic symptoms.

Mold is everywhere. There are over 100,000 different types of mold. The good news is not all of them are a threat But the black mold Stachybotrys found in the home, office, and school environments have been linked to fatal pulmonary disorders.

To help in the detection of mold, do you notice any of the following?

  • Discoloration or black mold on baseboards, wallboards, or wallpaper.
  • Cracks in shower tile, lack of caulking, loose toilet seal, leaks under the sink.
  • Carpet and padding in direct contact with a concrete slab.
  • Poorly maintained or dirty air conditioning/heating vents and filters.
  • Damp basement or crawl space.
  • Water penetration (water marks on walls, mold spots on walls)
  • Musty/ moldy odor

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you could be exposed to toxic black mold. 

Our simple and cost-effective do-it-yourself test kit identifies dangerous molds & mildew within 48 hours.

Optional lab analysis is available, which indicates the exact count and type of mold & mildew present.

PRO-LAB's Mold & Mildew Test Kit utilizes a patented laboratory analytical method for accuracy and reliability.

Mold Test Kit Instructions:


1. Remove the petri dish from the plastic bag and place it on a level surface.

2. Remove the top lid of the petri dish and pour the bottle of mold growth medium into the bottom of the dish.

3. Replace the lid and swirl gently until the bottom is completely covered.

4. Allow to gel for one (1) hour before removing the lid.

STEP 2: CHOOSE YOUR SAMPLING METHOD (only one testing method can be used per prepared petri dish)


  • Place the prepared petri dish on a level surface in the location you want to test. Remove the top lid of the petri dish and leave it open to the air for one (1) hour.
  • After the one (1) hour test is complete, replace the lid and allow it to incubate for 48 hours.
  • Re-check the dish for any slow-growing mold at 72 hours and 96 hours.
  • If any mold growth is present after this incubation period, proceed to the lab results directions.

METHOD 2: HVAC AIR SAMPLING (tape is required)

  • Locate the air exhaust vent that is the farthest away from the main HVAC /furnace.
  • Remove the lid of the prepared petri dish and tape the dish against the open air vent.
  • Close all of the remaining air vents that are in the system.
  • Turn the system fan on for ten (10) minutes to allow the forced air to impact the inside gel surface of the petri dish.
  • After the ten (10) minute sampling time, remove the petri dish, replace the lid and allow it to incubate for 48 hours.
  • Re-check the dish at 72 hours and 96 hours to check for any slow-growing mold.
  • If any mold growth is present after the incubation period, proceed to the lab results directions.


  • Locate the visible mold growth.
  • Take the sterile swab and wipe the tip across the visible mold growth. (Mold must adhere to the swab tip.)
  • Remove the top lid of the petri dish.
  • Very gently wipe the swab sample across the gel surface on the petri dish, allowing the mold to adhere.
  • Once sampling is complete, replace the top lid and proceed to the lab results directions.
  • You must send both the swab and the petri dish to the lab for analysis. 


Place a small piece of material to be tested inside the plastic bag. It is not necessary to use the petri dish with the bulk sample. Proceed to the lab results directions.


Standard Results within 7 days, $40 lab fee

Express Results within 3 business days, $60 lab fee

Place the sealed petri dish, swab or bulk sample in the plastic bag and place in the enclosed postage pre-paid envelope along with the information form, and the proper payment amount, money order, credit card payment (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or AMEX only) or check (made payable to PRO-LAB®) 

If you opt to use Express Lab Results you must send your sample to PRO-LAB®using an overnight shipping company such as Federal Express or UPS.

Send the test kit to PRO-LAB® 1675 N. Commerce Parkway, Weston, FL 33326. (Express samples can only be received Monday – Friday).  

Email/text notifications will let you know when your sample is received. You may print and view your results on the PROLAB Test Kits app.

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