SinuAir Nasal Wash System


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SinuAir™ is a scientific formulated moisturizing and irrigation solution for the nose that is both effective and economical. Formulated to approximate the body's own natural salinity and electrolyte composition, this unique formulation is more effective than regular saline. It is convenient and easy to use by just mixing with water. Useful as both an isotonic or hypertonic solution. 

Each SinuAir Nasal Wash System contains:

  • 200gm of SinuAir™ formulated saline powder for nasal solution.
  • Hypo allergenic EZ Squeeze™ bottle with form fitting nasal cap. 6 fl. oz
  • Measuring spoon for mixing with bottled or filtered water for spray or irrigation.


Why use SinuAir™? 

The nose is supposed to moisten inhaled air, which help to maintain a moist environment for the cilia in the sinuses. Any dryness, itching, or crusting in the nose means that a moisturizer is needed for the nose to do it's job. These cilia are the body's first line of defense against infection. Saline nose drops are used for most nasal and sinus conditions. They can help relieve dryness, crusting, and aid normal nasal function. Saline sprays can also be used to prevent and treat nose bleeds. 

The problem with sprays is that some preservatives are added to insure a long shelf life and can be irritating to the nose, especially when the nose is irritated already. SinuAir™ Nasal Wash was developed as a means of providing a solution for the dry irritated nose without the use of some of the preservatives that can irritate nasal membranes. 

EZ Squeeze™ Nasal Wash Bottle 

For years we have recommended our customers use the Sinupulse Elite pulsating nasal irrigation system for chronic sinusitis, nasal congestion and after exposure to excess dust, certain industrial chemicals and heavy pollen days. What many of them asked for was a portable system that was easy to use and effective. 

The SinuAir Nasal Wash System includes every thing needed for a proper nasal irrigation and can be used just about anywhere. One nasal wash system can be used for about 80 treatments, unlike the other nasal wash devices that are used once and need to be replaced. 

Key features of the SinuAir nasal wash bottle include:

  • Designed for easy use and pressure control
  • Unique bottle design allows for upright use.
  • Hypo allergenic
  • Bottle is designed for easy visual inspection and hygiene.
  • Form fitting nasal cap for comfort and to properly seal the nostril.
  • Measurements on bottle for accurate mixing of irrigating solutions.
  • Measuring spoon for precise measurements and may be used to mix the solution