Mu2 Sport Dust and Pollen Mask

The U2 Sport dust mask is the best mask for the active outdoor enthusiast and military personal. If you are into hiking, cold weather running, skiing, snowboarding, hunting, motocross, bike or ATV then you need to take a serious look at the U2 Sport Mask to keep the dust and pollen out. Perfect for winter activities like running. Not only do they keep you warm, but they warm and humidify their air you breathe.

At the heart of the mask is a unique Micro Air Screen filtration material that repels dust and pollen particles and will not promote the growth of molds or bacteria like many other masks. The pores of the MicroAirScreen are small enough to prevent the passage of the smallest allergenic pollen (about 18 microns in diameter) but are numerous enough to provide unrestricted airflow.

The micropore material of the U2 mask does not get clogged with dust and pollen. "Mu Two" is a new patented respirator that uses the long-lasting Micro Air Screen filtration material which allows for easy breathing. Other dust and sports mask manufacture tell you that hard labored breathing is an advantage: "simulates high altitude training". Why do you want to breathe any harder than you have to when running or cycling? 

Washable and designed to be used and reused again and again. Simply hand wash with gentle dishwashing detergent and drip dry. 

Medium masks fit most children 8 years and older and women. Large fit most men.

Thanks to my µ2 mask, I can get out and do what I love. 

"I suffer from severe pollen allergies and live in Nashville which isn't kind on allergy sufferers. Anyhow, I saw a long-distance runner and Olympic silver medalist wearing one of your masks and figured if an Olympic athlete found it effective, it was worth a try. So I bought one and use it for triathlon training and racing on the bike and run during the high pollen season. I haven't had a sinus infection in seven months and before I was getting one about every six weeks.

Thanks to my µ2 mask, I can get out and do what I love. For that, I am most grateful. Thank you so much!"
~ Michelle M.