Dust Mite Covers

Protect yourself and your family. Dust mite covers provide complete protection for your mattress, pillows, feather bed, and comforters 

If you suffer from dust mite allergies you know what it feels like to wake up with puffy watery eyes, runny nose, and feeling like you did not get to sleep last night. It's really is a bad way to start the day. Stop Suffering! 

When you are diagnosed with dust mite allergies, the doctor will tell you to encase your bed in special dust mite proof covers. That’s great advice.

But, it isn’t all the information you need to make an informed buying decision. We know. That’s because we field lots of calls every day from people that want to know what is the best dust mite cover. They ask questions about pore sizes, microfibers, and laminated or coated fabrics. Do I need to cover just the mattress or pillows and box springs too?

They are looking for answers. We’re here to help.

If you can only do one thing to improve your allergies, do this. 

"Have had this on my bed for just a few days now, and I feel a huge difference in the quality of my sleep. Possibly my foam mattress had been slightly toxic to me. Whatever the reason, this all-cotton mattress allergy protector has been well worth the investment ... and was easier to put on than I was expecting." Mog

The reason doctors recommend encasing your mattress in dust mite proof covers is that it is the simplest, fastest, and most effective way to protect and help your breathing.

Our line of dust mite covers protects your bedding, no matter what it is, and keeps the dust mites and their allergens away from you. 

The covers we sell have two very important things in common.

  • Made from a type of fabric, membrane or micro-weave, that does not allow dust mite allergens to pass through.
  • Easy to use and care for.

Which fabric is better for dust mites?

Which is better and most effective, that depends on what are you concerned about? 

The membrane fabric does not allow any allergens to pass. encasings made with a non-woven fabric-like AllergyCare™ Solution don't have "pores". In fact, the urethane membrane actually makes the allergy covers water-proof.

AllergyCare™ Solution is a 100% polyester knit mattress cover that is bedbug and dust mite proof that is very soft as well as water-proof. This is my daughter's favorite allergy fabric.

This type of cover is the least expensive and we recommend them for children’s beds. We also recommend this type of encasing for people with bed bug problems. We carry one fabric with the membrane, 100% polyester knit.

Micro-weave fabrics, the fibers are tightly woven so that they create a barrier against dust mite allergens. Micro-weave covers are the lightest and coolest of the fabrics used for allergy encasings. 

AllergyCare™ Pristine Luxury bedding is made of 100% polyester and has the smallest pore size, 2.8 microns, and will hold up the best over time.

AllergyCare™ 100% Cotton bedding is made from 100% cotton and is a very soft, breathable cover. Being all cotton is has a pore size of 4.91 microns.

AllergyCare™ Organic Cotton is made from tightly woven certified organic cotton. The fabric is non-dyed, non-treated, and chemical-free with an average pore size of 5.3 microns 

When covered, your bedding is protected from dust mites, pollen, mold spores, animal dander, and even bed bugs and fleas. What is in the bed stays in the bed, the dust mites and bed bugs just die, and nothing else can get into the bed. 

No matter which dust mite covers you choose you will find them comfortable and effective.

The Allergy Store has you covered.    

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