AllergyCare™ Organic Cotton Mattress Encasing

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Organic cotton mattress covers. Made from 100% unbleached Organic Cotton fabric, our AllergyCare™ organic cotton dust mite barrier fabric is the most natural product available for dust-mite protection. Green, Non-Toxic, and Eco-Friendly bedding. Sewn-in the U.S.A

AllergCare organic cotton mattress covers can be used over any mattress, new or not-so-new. 

Organic means you and your family are not being exposed to any harsh chemicals or toxins. No Chemicals, dyes, or any added treatments whatsoever have been used on the covers. Just organic cotton! 

Benefits and Features 

  • 100% Certified Fabric: This mattress cover is made from Greige woven organic cotton. No added chemicals or treatments. Control Union Certified - Organic 100
  • Quality: 233 thread count tightly woven and laboratory tested to assure that the weave does not separate with use.
  • Allergen & Dust Mite-Proof: It’s designed for people with dust and allergen sensitivity.
  • Cool & Comfy: An average pore size of 5.9 microns and a 233-thread count help to keep you cool. See test results
  • Fully Zippered Cover: It has a heavy-gauge nylon zipper tread and rust-proof metal zipper pulls.
  • Supports American jobs & workers: Assembled in the USA of imported and domestic materials – Assembled in Passaic, NJ, USA.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 

Like all products made from cotton, your cover will shrink when washed and dried the first time. Don't worry. we have taken that into consideration and made our covers a bit bigger. They will not be too small after they have been washed. Natural Cream Color. Our organic cotton has not been dyed or processed so the natural cotton pigments can cause color variations.

In case your mattress is too heavy we also make a "fitted style" organic cotton mattress cover. 

Also available in organic cotton: Zippered pillow covers, comforter covers, featherbed covers, and sheet sets. 

Easy Care Instructions: Machine wash hot water up to 140°. Do not use any chlorine bleach. Machine dry on medium setting. Special Note: Cover must be completely dry before putting on mattresses or pillows.

Commonly asked questions about organic cotton mattress covers. 

#1. How do I measure the depth of my mattress? 

Using a tape measure or ruler measure from the bottom, where it rests on the box spring, to the top of the mattress. If you have a pillowtop mattress or topper, a memory foam pad, or other mattress pad that you want to encase along with your mattress, include this in the total height measurement. Read "How to Measure for a Mattress Cover

#2. Do I need to wash the mattress cover first?

No. You can but is not necessary. We do not treat any of our organic fabrics with any chemicals or antimicrobial coatings. Please note that we do not accept the return of washed bedding unless is defective.

#3. Do I need to clean my mattress before putting on the cover?

No. You can vacuum the mattress, but it is not necessary. If you choose to spray the mattress with anti-allergen spray or steam clean make sure the mattress is completely dry before you put on the new cover.

#4. How often do I need to wash the cover?

We recommend that you wash the mattress cover once or twice a year. Pillow covers may be washed a bit more often (we wash ours about every 4-6 weeks). It is important that sheets and pillowcases be washed weekly.

#5. Does the cover need to fit tightly on the mattress?

No. It is best if the cover fits loosely. If the cover fits snugly the mattress may feel stiff and the seams and zippers will be stressed.

#6. I have a mattress pad. Is it better to put the pad on top of the cover or put the pad on the mattress and cover them both?

In most cases, we recommend you cover both the pad and the mattress with the cover. This way you don’t have to remember to wash the mattress pad.

How do you put a mattress cover on?
  1. Remove the blankets and sheets.
  2. Slide the mattress down towards the foot of the bed and standard up, if you have a footboard slide it to the side and stand it up.
  3. Position the cover on the top side of the mattress and work it about halfway down the mattress.
  4. Lay the mattress back down and finish pulling the cover-up and zip closed.
  5. Put on a clean set of sheets and enjoy a great night's rest.

Additional information

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