How to Remove Pet Allergens from your New Home

How to Remove Pet Allergens from your New Home

So you are excited! You have found that perfect apartment, condo or house.  It is just what you have been looking for AND it is just the right price. The only downside is that a cat/dog lived in the house and you have allergies. 

You wonder, can you really remove pet allergens from a home that harbored a pet? Is it really possible to clean those pet allergens up?

It is possible.  It does require an investment of time and the goodwill of your friends as well as a little ADMS Denaturing Spray and X-Mite Carpet Powder to remove pet allergen from the new digs. It also takes a bit of planning.

I spoke with someone today that was going to be moving in just a few days and because of the short time frame she had to pay for expedited freight. Ouch!

Time, because you will need to wipe down the walls, baseboards, door jambs, window sills, countertops, and cabinets.

Friends, because that is a big job and “many hands make for light work”.  ADMS Spray and X-Mite Carpet Powder because those are the two treatments that will denature the pet allergen left behind once the pet has moved out.

We get lots of these calls around the end of the month because people are preparing to move. They think if they run the vacuum or hire a carpet cleaner the pet allergen will be removed.  Unfortunately, that is not how it works.

Pets have a protein in their urine and saliva. As they lick, groom, and empty their bladder little bits of this protein adhere to the skin or fur of the animal.

Once it is dry, it can flake off. Because it is very sticky, it will adhere to just about any surface it catches. That is why it is important that the walls and other surfaces be wiped down to remove the pet allergen.

Just a spray of ADMS is all it takes to break down that protein. On the carpets, you will want to vacuum first to remove any loose soil. Then sprinkle the X-Mite powder down and work into the carpet by sweeping with a broom.  Let the powder sit for 3 hours and then vacuum up. Be sure to throw out the vacuum bag when done.

If you are thorough, it should only take one cleaning to remove the pet allergen.  Then you can get on with the real work of unpacking those boxes!

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