Allersearch X-Mite Carpet Powder

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Clean and Neutralize in One Treatment! 

X-Mite® Anti-Allergen Carpet Powder safely cleans away or neutralizes dust-mite waste and other allergens from non-living sources such as pet dander and cockroach matter. 

The patented X-Mite® anti-allergen carpet formula from Allersearch Labs not only cleans but refreshes your carpet. 

X-Mite® anti-allergen carpet formula is effective for up to 3 months. Each bag of Xmite will effectively cover up to 150 square feet (10' X 15' room). 

Simply sprinkle the moist Xmite powder, sweep it into the carpet with your broom or brush it into the fabric, let sit for 3 hours, and then vacuum to remove the excess. 

X-Mite® Anti-Allergen Carpet Powder is not a pesticide, it contains Tanacetane 2, a tannic acid formulation that is medically proven to eliminate harmful allergens from non-living sources for up to 90 days. Need more information on how to remove allergens from your carpet

Ingredients - Read Allersearch XMite MSDS information


  • Not to be applied on silks or oriental rugs
  • Before application, test on a small hidden area for each item to be treated and allow to dry thoroughly. This is important when prior cleaners and deodorizers have been applied. They may have left a chemical residue that will cause discoloration or staining. If staining occurs do not use.
  • If the product is accidentally spilled, vacuum immediately
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Active ingredients: 3% Tanacetane 2™ low molecular weight tannic acid formulation with anionic surfactants

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