How to Put a Mattress Cover on the Bed

You asked for it and you got it!  So many people have asked how to put a mattress cover on the bed that we decided to show you how! We’ve got a great video on how to put your dust mite cover on your bed.

A dust mite cover is an essential part of your allergen reduction action plan.  Its a simple thing to zip your mattress up in a mite proof cover but that dust mite cover doesn’t do any good if you don’t put it on your bed!

People have always had questions on the best way to put a dust mite cover on their bed. If you haven’t gone it before, it can seem like a really big job.  But once you know what you are going and you put into action some simple high school physics principles it really isn’t that hard.

That being said, many hands always make light work so grab a friend and ask them to help you put a dust mite cover on the bed.

First, make sure that you remove all bed linens.  Strip the bed of all sheets and blankets.  If you use a mattress pad, it might be a good idea to cover the pad and mattress together.

Next, pull the mattress forward from the foot of the bed about 4  inches or so.  Archimedes said that if he had a place to stand and a strong enough lever, he could move the world.  Well you don’t need to move the earth, but by using the box springs as a lever you can stand your mattress up quite easily.

Once the mattress is standing, put the zippered cover across the top (head) side of the mattress (the head will be closest to the ceiling and then pull it down part of the way.  Drop the mattress back down and zip the mattress up.  It is always better for your dust mite cover to fit loosely than tightly.

After the cover is zipped up, push the mattress back towards the head of the bed so that it rests squarely on the box spring.  You can now make up the bed with clean sheets, blankets, and pillow covers.  You will have a barrier between you and common household allergens, like dust mites, dust mite feces, molds, pollens, and cat and dog dander.

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