How to Kill Dust Mites on Stuffed Animals and Toys

How to Kill Dust Mites on Stuffed Animals

Killing dust mites on stuffed animals is not hard. The hard part is getting rid of the dead dust mite and its parts. A dead dust mite is just as bad as a live one. 

Many stuffed animals and toys can be put in the wash just like any piece of clothing. The problem with washing some stuffed animals is that they lose that soft, fluffy, cuddly feel.

Others completely disintegrate and the stuffing gets everywhere, we had a few do that.

We decided one of our daughter's bunnies needed to be washed. Needless to say, it was a very dumb idea. When we opened the washing machine there was stuffing all over,  the head was almost torn off and had a hole in the side of its head.  

Don't do this to you child's stuffed toy.

Sadly there was too much damage, lost stuffing and looking at the fabric it would not have been possible to sew it up anyway. Funny, our daughter probably had the bunny for 10 plus years without tearing it up and we destroyed it in 10 minutes. 

To kill dust mites on stuffed animals or anything for that matter you have to be washing in 130 to 140 F water. In most homes, the hot water heaters are set to 105 to 108 F. for safety reasons.

Many of the newer dryers have an “allergy” setting that allows the temperature to get to 180 to 190 F. That will kill dust mites and almost anything else. The problem with that is the amount of electricity they use and the feel of the stuffed toy after it has been cooked. 

We recommend freezing the stuffed animal or toy for a day or two. Freezing will kill the dust mites and not harm the toy. Once they have thawed out you can just put them in the dryer on air or low for about 15-20 minutes to shake them up. The dust mite allergens will get vented out.

If the stuffed toy is dirty, you can either hand wash or put them in the wash on the short gentle cycle with warm or cold water. Be careful with a top loader. That is what tore our bunny up.

If you want to make sure all the dust mite allergens are neutralized you can add some Demite laundry additive in the load or use the Allersearch Allergen Wash. After they have been washed put them in the dryer with a load of clothes that you are drying on the low to medium setting. 

Another thing you can do is vacuum them. I know it sounds strange but a good vacuuming every week removes some of the dust mite allergens as well as dirt and fluffs up the fur at the same time.

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