Water Filters – Solid Science vs Fantasy

Water Filters – Solid Science vs Fantasy

As an Aquathin dealer, we’ve looked at the many different water filters on the market and listen to all the interesting claims being made by the various companies.

Alfie Lipshultz, a friend and CEO of Aquathin Corp, keeps an eye on the market too. The false claims based on bad science make him mad. Here is a bit of an email I received from him. I am sure he won’t mind me sharing it with you.

Over the last few weeks, we have heard from several Dealer’s calling about “hokie science” filters with incredible hokie science claims popping up in their areas.  You know all industries, regretfully, have their share of bad guys and buffoons…and so it goes with the water industry.  These dirty birds prey on those people who have little science knowledge. Get the low down on these exposed and debunked charlatan products, claims and goofy guys.”

He shared a link to a great site, H2Odotcon. Yep, dot con is the name even though the actual URL is https://www.chem1.com/CQ/.  A retired chemist takes on all the hokie science that surrounds water filters. It’s great information and its necessary reading for anyone that is thinking of buying water filters.

Solid Science versus Fantasy

The solid science that disavows such “hokie” hype and BS is irrefutable.  These fantasy science water filters come and go. None of these junk-pumpers stand up to defend themselves in the open marketplace. 

They just move on to the next bottle of snake oil. I’m encouraged by professional people including doctors, who are  telling their patients and clients this is nothing but junk. 

No Joke – Just Clean, Pure Water

What I don’t understand is why these companies sell junk when they could sell quality. Instead of lying about the benefits of alkaline water, they could sell quality water filters that produce pure, clean water.

Why joke around when water is important? What’s worse, they prey on people with serious diseases and claim their product (like alkaline water) will prevent or cure their cancer or other ails. Now that’s not funny.

Really Pure Water from Really Serious Water Filters

If these pseudo scientists  really cared about the public health, they would sell water filtering systems that produce really pure water. They would sell Aquathin water purification systems.

From carbon filters to remove chlorine and lead to reserve osmosis/ deionization filters that remove everything, Aquathin manufactures really serious water filters for really pure water. Some units are even portable. Just think, you could take your water purifier wherever you go!

Don’t Get Ripped Off

I can’t tell you the number of customers who call us that got ripped off by “hokie science”. Unfortunately, by the time they call us it’s too late.

We believe everyone should be drinking, cooking and bathing with clean and pure water. We don’t believe that anyone should get ripped off.

Please do your research BEFORE buying any water purification system. Use the link provided to check the science. Call me @ 800 771-2246 if you have questions.

You deserve clean water from a quality water filtration system. Don’t settle for less!

Wishing you the best of health,

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