Pure H2O - The inorganic minerals that line our pipes will eventually line yours .

Pure H2O - The inorganic minerals that line our pipes will eventually line yours .

A gentleman said to me in the middle of a recent business meeting, one that seemed to be going nowhere, "O.K., AIf, what's the bottom line?" My response was so off-the-wall that he didn't know whether to laugh, act insulted, or just leave my office: "The bottom line is to improve my quality of life."

He sat back, collected his thoughts to search for an alternative to circumlocute my statement, and then said, "You’re absolutely right."

Well, to make a long story short, I bought his line of goods and he bought an Aquathin.

What it all comes down to for all of us is quality of life. If you don't have your health, everything else loses its value. So, I began to research what makes us healthy. Hardly any research has been devoted to the most important thing we put inside us. WATER. We're approximately 85% water, yet water is taken for granted!

Water has five functions in our bodies: it is a lubricant, solvent, transportant, coolant and dispersant (electronegative enhancer. If water carries a load (salts, heavy metals, and pollutants dissolved into itself) then the water cannot be efficient in these functions.

If your car has rusty water in the radiator, it overheats. If we have an above normal waste level in our blood, we overheat and develop fever. In sports medicine, physicians advise athletes to drink water. Research shows water consumption during activity increases endurance, and muscles remain relaxed rather than tense when the activity is over.

Our kidneys have to filter 400 gallons of fluid a day. If there is enough water present, kidneys operate easily. If not, kidneys are forced to recycle too much and deposits may be left behind in the form of stones. Many of a kidney stone's mineral constituents are the same as in tap water or bottled spring water. These minerals are plant food, inorganic from rocks, and not people food. It is not until a plant absorbs that mineral, making it organic, that we can use it.

A doctor could look at you and say, "You appear a little anemic. Here are some nails and iron supplements. The choice is yours." You would not choose the nails, that's for sure; yet the iron found in nails is the same as that in our tap water and bottled waters.

Once when I was speaking to a medical convention in Ohio I showed the doctors a picture of a blocked vessel. The color photo showed deposits completely closing the vessel. I asked the doctors to tell me what this picture was. The unanimous decision was a blocked artery from a person needing multiple aorta bypass surgery. Then I said, "Doctors, your diagnosis is correct. This is a blocked artery; however, it is the one that feeds my house." it was a water pipe They were amazed.

The inorganic minerals that line a thirty-year-old plumbing pipe will eventually line ours. Also, the inorganic materials (preservatives) that give our foods an extended shelf life take shelf life from us. We should not eat processed meats, yet we’ll drink processed water electronegative reducers)

Many physicians and dieticians are calling for low and no salt diets because of the propensity towards higher blood pressure. But consider other minerals to; i.e., aluminum. Aluminum is the most powerful coagulator known to man When a boxer gets cut, his corner man puts alum in the cut to stop the bleeding. Styptic saves the lives of careless shavers. Aluminum chlorhydrate shrinks the pores of our underarms to avoid the embarrassment of perspiration.

Furthermore, municipalities add ferrous aluminum sulfate to murky reservoir or river drinking water to coagulate and precipitate the particles to provide clear water. The brain of the prematurely senile Alzheimer’s victim is overdosed with abnormally high aluminum levels.

We consume aluminum leavening agents in bread, dissolved in canned foods, leached from the surface of cooking utensils, and most recently in the air we breath from space shuttle launches. One launching deposits 150 tons of aluminum oxide into the air.

Water that is void of inorganic materials is the type of water we need to consume. Drinking two liters of this water daily will improve the roles that water plays within our bodies through its ability to move nutrients deeply into tissues, pick up wastes, keep us cool, and maintain joints without leaving deposits.

Hence, Aquathin, a water purification system designed to remove wastes found in tap water using' the same principle that kidney dialysis machines use to remove waste from blood. Aquathin utilizes reverse osmosis and deioniziation for maximum rejection and removal of waste contaminates. Carbon filters, which what most people have, cannot remove salts, heavy metals, and only reduce a few of the pollutants in the spectrum of pesticides and industrial wastes.

Aquathin removes 98-plus% of the inorganic and 100% of the organics. Getting rid of these contaminates, the causes of degenerative disease, can only improve the quality of our lives. And after all, our great grandparents knew this. They collected their drinking water in rain barrels - we cannot. Water is the key to life - - and a pure water is the key to a healthful qualitative life.

Alfred Lipshultz, President and CEO of Aquathin Corporation.

For more than 20 years, I have been proud to call Alfie a friend and have enjoyed the pure water I drink everyday thanks to my Aqualite purification system. You should be serious about your health and that of your family and I strongly encourage you to think about the water you drink.

Remember that whatever water that comes out of the pipes is what goes into your body. You deserve the best .. you deserve pure water .. you deserve Aquathin!

Wishing you the best of health
Mike Krause

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