Forget Ghosts and Goblins, Dust Mites are Scary

I admit it. I love a good horror movie (real horror…not just blood, guts and gore for the sake of blood and guts and gore).  I love classic Stephen King horror books, back when he wrote things that really scared me (that is Cujo versus Tommyknockers).  Haunted houses scare me. 

I went the the local Boy Scouts Haunted Forest once and will never do that again.  I mean, dark, haunted, and out in the woods!  Scary!

But what is really scary is right there in your house and in your bed. And you sleep with these terrors  every night!  Dust mites are scary.

That’s right….the Invasion of the Dust Mites is the scariest show in town and it runs in your bedroom every night.

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that feed on shed human skin cells. Yes, it is the Attack of the Skin Eaters!  I told you dust mites are scary! 

They love to live where it is dark and warm and there is an abundance of food. You might not realize it, but that is a description of your mattress and pillow.

Ever wonder why old mattresses are so incredibly heavy?  It is the accumulation of years and years of dust mites and their feces along with your shed skin that add the extra weight.

The dust mite body and their feces contain a protein that when inhaled is the most common household allergen.  Every time you move or shift on the bed, or even just sit on the edge of the bed or remove a decorative pillow off the bed you send a cloud of these allergen-rich particles into the air.

Once airborne, the particles are easily inhaled. 

A cascade of events happens in your immune system and then you feel the results. Runny or stopped up nose, itchy or watery eyes, sneezing, wheezing, itching, hives, sore throat, or a host of other symptoms.

This scene doesn’t have to play out in your bedroom each night. Its pretty easy to stop.  Simply encase all your pillows, mattress and boxspring in our specially-designed dust mite proof allergy bedding covers.  The special fabrics and design of these zippered dust mite encasements will stop the allergens from becoming airborne.  To prevent a sequel from occurring, just wash the sheets and pillowcases every 7 days in De-Mite laundry additive.

You can’t save Drew Barrymore (as Casey Beckler) in the Scream movie, but you can save yourself and your loved ones from a nightly Invasion of the Dust Mites!

Til Next Time!