Does Cat Dander Stick to Walls?

Does Cat Dander Stick to The Wall?

Going through some questions from the weekend. This is one we have heard before. 

“I moved in to an apartment where the previous owner had a cat. Does cat dander stick to the wall?”

Yes. Cat dander will stick to the wall. In fact cat dander sticks to everything.

Pet dander is so light that it easily floats throughout an area getting on furniture, fans carpets, and clothes. It sticks everywhere and everywhere means it will stick the the wall.

We recommend that you either paint the walls or clean them. I know painting is not always an option so let’s talk about cleaning.

You can scrub the walls with soap and water if you think the paint will hold up. Usually will not work well with a flat or eggshell paint.

The other option is to spray some Allerseach ADS Anti-Allergen Spray on a rag and wipe the walls down with that. One thing that works well is using a Swiffer mop (learned that from one of our customers).

Use the dry heads or better yet take an old tee shirt and pin it on the head. Cheaper than buying the Swiffer cloths.  As a nod to the green crowd, you can wash the shirt when you are done.

Wishing you the best of health


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