uHoo Indoor Air Quality Sensor


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Take your first step in getting clean indoor air. Monitor nine air quality factors that affect health and well-being, with real-time insights, virus index, and smart home integration.

uHoo is the most advanced indoor air quality monitor available today and it can help protect your loved ones from allergens and toxins. Breathe with ease knowing you are monitoring the air around you and that it is safe and healthy.

It is time to know what you breathe. Knowing the quality of the air in your home you’re breathing helps you make better decisions about how you live, work, learn and play.

This knowledge helps you to develop better and healthier habits. Avoid asthma or allergies triggered by unhealthy indoor air. Put one in every room in the house. 

Get your first year of uHoo Premium subscription (worth $120) included with your first purchase of uHoo Smart Air Monitor. Pay only $9.99 monthly after. 



The uHoo mobile air quality app allows you to see everything you need to know about your indoor air quality. 

  • Temperature: Feel more comfortable and have a restful sleep
  • Humidity: Minimize moisture and prevent mold from forming
  • Carbon Dioxide: Feel less nauseous and have a clearer mind
  • Airborne Chemicals / VOC: Know which chemicals and products to keep out
  • Particulate Matter (PM2.5): Prevent dust buildup before sensitive allergies and infections occur
  • Nitrogen Dioxide: Learn when to keep roadside fumes from entering and what you can do about it
  • Carbon Monoxide: Avoid fatigue, chest pain, and air poisoning
  • Ozone: Relieve throat irritation and learn which gadgets affect your health
  • Air Pressure: Understand why arthritic pains and headaches happen 

A simple and easy-to-use app

Get alerts, tips, and insights on how to manage your indoor air quality. All the information you need can be found in a beautiful interface that anyone in the family can understand.

Additional benefits of owning the uHoo Air Quality Sensor

  • Real-time and historical data to understand how your habits and activities affect the air quality in your home 
  • Track and keep a record of your respiratory conditions
  • Get alerts when there is an issue with the air quality
  • Customize alerts based on your own health
  • Integrates with smart devices and other software via IFTTT and integrated with Alexa and Google Home Access
  • Automatically turn on your integrated air purifier
  • Share your data with family and friends
  • Data is secure with 128-bit encryption
  • Remotely monitor multiple air quality devices/locations using one uHoo account

uHoo’s elegant and seamless design blends easily in any space. Place your uHoo in any room and monitor your air quality from anywhere you are.