EnviroRite Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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EnviroRite Multi-Purpose Cleaner is an all-purpose, fume-free deodorizing cleanser that can easily remove grease, grime and dirt from virtually any surface, including stainless steel, ceramic, wood, counters and more.

Developed by and for people with allergies, chemical sensitivities and asthma, EnviroRite cleaner is carefully made with naturally occurring renewable resources and contains no petroleum-based ingredients, fragrances or dyes that often trigger respiratory and skin irritations. No longer are you required to sacrifice product effectiveness for personal safety.

Anyone who has used EnviroRite Clearly Clean All Purpose Cleaner products know it works - often outperforming the petroleum-based cleaning products they formerly used. With us, safe no longer means ineffective! By using products made for those who suffer environmental illnesses, we all benefit by reducing our exposure to toxic and semi-toxic products now in the mass marketplace.

EnviroRite products are made to help improve the health of our customers and the world we all live in - for today and the future!

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