Airpura Replacement Carbon Filter - 600 Series


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The Airpura OEM replacement carbon filter is a specialized filter designed for Airpura R600, UV600, P600, and P600 Plus air purifiers. 

Carbon Type: It contains 18 pounds of coconut shell carbon. Coconut shell carbon is known for its high adsorption capacity, making it effective at removing a wide range of odors, chemicals, and gases from the air.

Compatibility: This filter is specifically designed to fit Airpura R600, UV600, P600, and P600 Plus air purifiers. 

Filtration Efficiency: The carbon filter in any air purifier plays a crucial role in the air purification process by capturing and neutralizing odors, smoke, and chemical vapors. It complements the HEPA filtration system in your Airpura machine.

Filter Life: With 18 pounds of carbon, this replacement filter typically 2-3 years before requiring replacement. However, the actual filter lifespan can vary depending on factors such as air quality and usage patterns. We replace ours every 4 years.

Easy Installation: Replacing the carbon filter in your Airpura air purifier is usually a straightforward process, involving opening the bottom of the unit, removing the old filter, and inserting the new one.