myProtector Mattress Protector Warranty

Abdullaeva International Trade Company, DBA Sleep & Beyond, Inc. (“Sleep & Beyond”) warrants to the original purchaser of this mattress protector (“Protector”) that if this product becomes damaged within a period of 10 years from Date of Purchase as a result of normal household use, Sleep & Beyond will replace the Protector, provided the following care instructions have been followed: 

  1. Machine wash the Protector in the cold water on gentle cycle as quickly as possible after the spillage, preferably whilst still fresh and wet, making sure that no bleach or bleach alternative is used in the washing cycle. Air or tumble dry. 
  1. To submit a claim, please telephone our help-line (877) 777-WOOL (9665) within five (5) days of the incident. 
  1. The damaged Protector must be returned to Sleep & Beyond for inspection and validation. 
  1. Please do not return the damaged Protector to the retailer from which you purchased it. 
  1. A sales receipt for your Mattress Protector and Mattress must be provided for validated warranty. 

When the purchase of the Protector is made on the same retail sales ticket as a new mattress, Sleep & Beyond will also warranty the surface of the mattress against stains provided it is covered with Protector at the time of the spillage. Sleep & Beyond reserves the right to decide, in the case of the validated claim, whether to provide a home cleaning kit, professionally clean or replace the mattress surface fabric. If the mattress is damaged beyond repair as a direct result of the failure of the Protector, and the claim is within the warranty period of the mattress, and all care instructions have been followed by the claimant, Sleep & Beyond will, at its sole discretion, replace the mattress, provide one of comparable quality, or refund the purchase price of the Protector.  Transportation costs relating to the warranty process are the responsibility of the warranty claimant.  In the event of a mattress or Protector replacement, Sleep & Beyond’s obligation under this warranty shall end. 


Gross negligence or abuse by user, improper installation and maintenance, normal wear and tear, soiling,  mattress used for commercial purposes, stains caused by inks, nail polish, cosmetics, bleach, non-food related grease, corrosives, alcohol, dyes, solvents, sides of the mattress, linens, ensembles, mattress base, mattress foundation and box spring, or a mattress not fitted with a Protector. 

Protectors are designed to keep the mattress surface free from stains and should wash out when wash and care instructions are followed. They will withstand repeated washing and tumble-drying and will provide lasting protection. 

This warranty replaces all other warranties express or implied and no one is authorized to assume or undertake for Sleep & Beyond any other liability in connection with the sale of this product. Sleep & Beyond shall not be liable for any consequential or indirect damage of whatever kind and shall only be required to service the faulty Protector. This warranty is exclusively made by Sleep & Beyond and is not made by or on behalf of its distributor/s or any other party. This warranty is not renewable beyond the stated period of coverage, and is limited to the original owner of the mattress and Protector.  

Customer Service:

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Phone/Fax: (1 877) 777 – WOOL (9665)