What is the difference between Skinnies viscose and silk?

If you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, you know that certain fabrics can leave you feeling scratchy and sore. Many clothing materials can make sensitive skin symptoms like dryness, redness, and itching worse. However, the right therapeutic fabrics can not only help protect your skin it may even help irritated areas heal faster.

First of all, all Skinnies therapeutic clothing products are of the finest quality and built with sensitive skin issues in mind. Also, all Skinnies garments are built using the same custom knitting machines that provide a soft, seamfree close-knit weave for strength and durability.

Secondly, both fabrics offer excellent adjunct treatments for eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin and a host of other irritations of the skin.

Skinnies Benefits

> Seamfree technology - no more friction, less bulky and freedom to move
> Better body fit - more comfortable, superbly soft and wearable
> Different colors - they don't look medical, and kids love them
> Durable - tested to withstand more than 50 washes for real durability

So, now you know that Skinnies therapeutic clothing is an excellent choice, but you are probably wondering, how do I choose between viscose and silk?


Skinnies Viscose is a plant-based fiber that is actually less harmful to the environment than regular cotton. Skinnies viscose clothing has the following benefits:

> Each garment is produced individually in one piece with no seams or stress points
> Soft, durable and comfortable to wear
> Reduces friction and improves temperature regulation
> Excellent for both wet and dry wrapping
> Breathable, absorbent and does not trap body heat


Skinnies silk clothing has the following benefits:

> Calms and soothes irritated, itchy skin, often within the hour
> Helps to prevent and heal infection without side effects
> Silk fibers are soft and nonabrasive
> Specially treated silk is totally hypoallergenic
> Maintains body temperature at a constant level
> Absorbs moister without feeling damp and helps the skin stay supple

Skinnies Silk has the added protection of a permanent, non-migrating antimicrobial bonded to the fabric:

> Antimicrobial controls spread of bacteria and help prevent the terrible itch, scratch, infection cycle
> Fights bacterial and fungal infections without chemicals or drugs
> Does not migrate onto the wearers' skin
> Maintains its effectiveness for the life of the garment

For additional information on our complete line of Skinnies Therapeutic Clothing click here.