Aquathin Lead Removal Water Filter - Complete Unit

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Aquathin's Lead Out water filter will reduce any lead concentration far below what the E.P.A recommend level of acceptance. The Lead Out filter also reduces sediment, chlorine, and organic contaminants in your water.

Lead pipes were used in homes and office construction up until the 1930s. After that, they used copper pipes and until 1986 they were joined with lead-based solder. The good thing is these pipes last for years, the bad thing is drinking water with lead in it is very bad.

Lead is a very soft metal and can easily leach into the water when pipes become damaged and corroded. The water you drink and cook with. When we consume lead it just concentrates in our bodies. Lead has been shown to cause serious damage to the brain, kidneys, nervous system, and blood cells. Get the Lead Out!

The Lead Out water filter, just like our Yes Filter, installs under the sink out of the way. Each complete Lead-out water filter system comes with all the necessary hardware for easy installation.

The clean filtered water is dispensed from a separate water carafe making it easy for you to fill up the coffee pot or get water for the pasta. If the water for the ice maker/water dispenser comes from under the sink you can add a tee and get clean water for the refrigerator too! 

  • Application - Drinking water, icemakers, cooking
  • Weight - 3 1/2 lb
  • Pre Filter - #60 Mesh stainless steel screen prefilter
  • Filtration - 69 cubic inches of custom high reagent grade FDA & NSF approved media ABA-2000AQ and a separate bed of high-grade granular carbon.
  • Post Filter - 5 Micron post filter
  • Capacity - Lab tested - removed lead nitrate concentration of 80 ppb to less than 5 ppb at a flow rate of .40 GPM. Will process 10,000 gallons of leaded water.
  • Pressure Test - 100 PSI Factory Tested
  • Warranty - 1-year parts except for modular changes 

Replace filters every 12 months.