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Size: ADJ16 11" - 16"

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The MicroAirScreen™ is a window air screen that filters out allergenic pollen and dirt giving clean ventilation to your home or office. It can be left in windows even in rain storms.

Originally designed for asthma and allergy sufferers, the MicroAirScreen™ is the most Advanced free flow window air filter available. The MicroAirScreen™ is a patented window microscreen that filters out environmental contaminants such as pollen and dirt, letting in sufficient quantities of clean air without the use of fans or blowers. It also prevents the entry of rain even in storms. It buffers heavy gusts of wind and of course keeps out the smallest of insects. It is used even in winter to prevent "sick building" syndrome.

The MicroAirScreen™ utilizes a single layer non-entraining repulsive screening material which does not get clogged with dirt and pollen like a mat type air conditioner filter. It stays efficient and does not require cleaning for long periods of time, around once or twice a year. The MicroAirScreen™ screening media has precision openings of about one half the size of a human hair, and works by having a low differential pressure resistance across its surface. Air flow is induced by the usually lower air pressure in the interior.

For asthma sufferers the MicroAirScreen™ also reduces the reliance upon chemical inhalers. The MicroAirScreen™ is an important component for those who suffer from pollen or dirt related illnesses such as asthma, or for those who want to avoid the entry of dirt and fly ash purely from a cleanness standpoint.

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