Allersearch Allerdust™ Dusting Aid

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Allersearch Allerdust™ Dusting Spray makes cleaning faster and more effective by binding dust and allergens to your duster or cleaning cloth.

Allersearch Allerdust™ picks up allergens from non-living sources like pet dander, cockroach matter, dust mite matter, mold spores, and pollens by adhesively bringing these dust particles to your feather duster or dust cloth without allowing the allergens to become airborne.

Lightly mist Allerdust™ on your feather duster or dust cloth and dust away. The unique formula also prevents particles from becoming airborne which can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms.

After use, rinse the duster or rag in hot water and let dry. Next time you dust just re-apply. The easy way to control dust allergy.

The non-toxic and perfume-free dusting aid is simply applied to the cleaning tool and is safe to use in every room of the home. A 2-ounce bottle lasts up to 100 dustings.


  • Do not apply directly to the surface to be treated

Helpful Allergy Tip: Don't waste your money on special dust cloths, just use an old tee-shirt and Allerdust™ When you're done toss it in the wash.

Ingredients - Read Allersearch Allerdust MSDS information

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