Polypropylene Zippered Pillow Cover - King

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Looking for inexpensive pillow encasing that can be used for travel, camp, Airbnb guests, or just storing pillows. 

The Basic Polypropylene zippered pillow covers provide an economical option for pillow protection with a Non-woven polypropylene with a urethane barrier, this pillow protector is dust allergen proof as well as bedbug-proof, and waterproof. 

They are the perfect choice for walk-in clinics and day spas. King Size 21" x 36". One pillow cover per package. 

  • WATERPROOF COVER: Designed with an impermeable membrane, making it great for protecting your pillows against spills, sweat, and other fluids.
  • BEDBUG BARRIER: The laminated material of this pillowcase is bed bug-bite proof, making it an excellent option for Airbnb, hotels, bed, and breakfasts, or people who allow tenants to stay in their homes.
  • ALLERGEN BLOCKER: The polypropylene material combined with the membrane makes this an effective barrier against dust mites and other harmful allergens.