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Itching is one of the worst symptoms of eczema. Used as part of the daily treatment program, Skinnies helps reduce the terrible 'itch-scratch cycle' in Eczema and Atopic Dermatitis.

Skinnies adult silk clothing is produced individually in one piece which creates a 360-degree stretch. Why is that important? No seams mean a more comfortable, effective, and long-lasting garment. 

Skinnies silk clothing reduces friction and improves temperature regulation, reducing heat and sweating that can make itching worse. 

Skinnies silk clothing is available in a range of different colors so they are more discreet, comfortable, and easy to wear.

  • No seams = great comfort.
  • Seamfree Technology™ - no more friction, less bulky and freedom to move
  • Better body fit - more comfortable, superbly soft and wearable
  • Tested to withstand more than 50 washes for real durability dramatically reducing the cost per wear.
  • Sanitized® T 99-19 Antimicrobial Treatment
  • No silver used
  • Skinnies silk clothing is made with 81% Medical Grade Silk, 14% Nylon and 5% Elastane.
  • Latex-Free.
  • Made in the UK
  • Great selection of sizes and colors. See the sizing and color chart

Both Skinnies Silk and Skinnies Viascose offer excellent adjunct treatments for eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin, EB, wounds and a host of other irritations of the skin.

Sanitized® T 99-19

The bluesign® -label for textiles is judged as the most important in the European textile industry!

The bluesign® standard is an independent global industry standard, which fosters resource productivity under the focus of EHS, Environment, Health, and Safety while ensuring product functionality, quality, and design.

Sanitized® T 99-19 is the only antibacterial product worldwide that is accepted by bluesign® and fulfills its requirements!