Why We Don't Recommend Air Vent Filters

Why We Don't Recommend Air Vent Filters

We get asked at least once or twice a week if we carry filters for supply air vents. Our answer has been the same for 30+ years. No.

When we owned an air duct cleaning and mold remediation company we saw time and time again where people covered their vents with everything from spun filter material to tee shirts. For some it was to reduce/redirect the air flow and other thought is was helping improve the air quality. 

Air vent filters do not improve the air quality. In fact they will hide and mask  serious problems within the HVAC system. If dust, pet fur or mold spore are blowing out the vent in the bedroom that is a sign your system needs to be serviced. If the air coming out of the vent does not smell right and sort of funky, your system needs to be serviced. 

Limited Effectiveness

Air vent filters are not effective in improving indoor air quality. They are small and thin, they can only capture a limited amount small particles. 

Restricted Airflow

Air vent filter can restrict the airflow and reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. This can result in higher energy bills and cause strain on the system, leading to potential damage.

Difficult to Install and Maintain

Keeping up with air vent filters can be a pain and time-consuming, especially if you have lots vents throughout your home. They require frequent cleaning and replacement, which can be a hassle for homeowners.

May Cause Damage

Depending on the type of air vent filter you use, it may not fit properly and can cause damage to your HVAC system. They may also cause noise or vibrations if not installed correctly.

Can Decrease Air Quality

In some cases, air vent filters can actually decrease indoor air quality. We saw this many times. If the filter is not cleaned or replaced regularly, it will become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, which can then be circulated throughout your home.

Costly More in the Long Run

While air vent filters may seem like an affordable solution to improve indoor air quality, the cost of constantly replacing and maintaining them will add up over time. 

Overall, we honestly believe using air vent filters do more harm than good. We saw the damage they caused. Instead, focus on regular HVAC maintenance and invest in a high-quality air filtration system for your home. 

We are no longer in the HVAC business but believe you should consult with a local professional HVAC technician for more personalized advice on improving indoor air quality if you have concerns.

Wishing you the best of health,