What Are The Symptoms of Being Exposed to Dust Mites

What Are The Symptoms of Being Exposed to Dust Mites

First of all, let me say that dust mites can’t bite you but I’ll save that for an entirely different discussion.

The bedroom is the worst place for exposure to dust mite allergens. The bed has the highest concentration of dust mites, dust mite parts and feces. Dust mites like dark, damp and warm places and that is why the bed is a perfect place for them.

They are also close to their favorite food source, dead skin. That is the reason we always recommend our client use allergy-proof bedding on their beds. They keep the dust mite allergens from getting out of the mattress, pillows and

The symptoms of dust mite exposure can be a little different for each person but there are some very common symptoms. Most people will have the worst reactions when they go to bed. Some people start reacting as soon as they get in bed and for others, it takes a while.

Usually, your nose starts getting stuffy then the eyes will get puffy. For some people that is it. Others that have more severe allergies to dust mites will start coughing up mucus and have a very hard time breathing. Some asthmatics can end up in the hospital. In other cases, people suffer from urticaria (hives) as well as everything else.

The good news is that with some work most people can get their dust mite allergies under control and most of the symptoms they suffer from exposure will be gone.

Wishing you the best of health