Steam Cleaning Can Help You Rid Your Home of Bed Bugs

Steam Cleaning Can Help You Rid Your Home of Bed Bugs

Wondering how to use a steam cleaner to kill bed bugs? You’re not alone. Bed bugs have become a rampant problem in recent years and not just in dirty or ill-kept homes. Bed bugs can creep up almost anywhere and once they take hold, it can be nearly impossible to rid your home of the infestation.

One of the most proves, effective and environmentally friendly ways to stop bed bugs in their tracks is by steam cleaning.  

Bed bugs get their name because they tend to take up residence in areas where they have a ready supply of blood to feed on. Since they feed at night, that means finding us in our beds. And because they are so small, they can easily burrow down into the center of mattresses, box springs and pillows to lay their eggs.

They don't just stop at the bed. They will crawl into the dresser, baseboards, closets and bed rails. Before you know it, you’ve got an infestation on your hands.  

Once they’ve settled in, bed bugs will come out at night to feed and leave behind small bites, similar to other insect bites, that can be itchy and uncomfortable. The good news is they don't carry any diseases.

As long as they’ve got a food source, there is almost nothing that can stop them from flourishing. Which brings us to the question of how to use a steam cleaner to kill bed bugs.  

Short of throwing out your mattress, box spring and bed frame, how can you clear up a bed bug infestation? The most effective way is by using steam. Not only will a steam cleaner kill adult bed bugs, but the heat of the steam also works to kill their eggs before they can hatch.

And because the steam can seep into fabrics, it can target bed bugs right where they live. The key to steam cleaning anything made of fabric is not to get it too damp.


Now you know why you should use a steam cleaner but there’s still the question of how to use a steam cleaner to kill bed bugs. Fortunately, there are easy to use, portable steam cleaners like the Vapamore MR100 Primo portable steam cleaner, which makes steam cleaning as easy as 1-2-3. Simply fill the tank with purified water, turn on the switch and in about 10 minutes you’ll have enough steam to clean for up to an hour. 

Strip the bed and start with the mattress and box springs. You can either wash the pillows or steam clean them. Next clean the bed rails, base molding and then remove the drawers from the dresser and clean them inside and out. Keep a close eye out and repeat in a few days if you see them again. 

And because Vapamore’s steam cleaners use steam with only 5% moisture, they are safe to use on just about every surface, from floors and counters to carpets and bedding.

More than just convenient, Vapamore steam cleaners are also safe to use since they don’t involve any chemicals or toxic cleaners. It’s just pure, natural water that steams away your pest problems for good. 

Once the cleaning is done it's a good idea to cover the mattress and box spring with bed bug proof covers just in case you missed a bug or two. Like dust mite covers, bed bug covers completely encase the object they protect. Whether it is a pillow, mattress, box spring or comforter they cover all sides and zip closed. In addition, the back of the fabric is coated with a urethane coating that keeps the bed bug from sending their feeding tube through the fabric and making a meal of you. 

Do your homework today and find out everything the Vapamore can do for you and your family. You won’t be disappointed. The proof is in the results and nothing kills bed bugs and their eggs as effective as steam cleaning. 

We know you want the best for your family. A Vapamore portable steam cleaner is a safe, healthy, environmentally friendly alternative that can help your entire family get a bug free night’s sleep. 

Wishing you the best of health
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