Respiray Wear A+ - A Groundbreaking Wearable Air Purifier

Respiray Wear A+ - A Groundbreaking Wearable Air Purifier

Respiray Wear A+ is a groundbreaking wearable air purifier that creates a clean air zone around your mouth and nose. Designed to be worn comfortably around the neck with an adjustable strap, this air purifier actively pulls in the surrounding air and employs a potent HEPA filter to eliminate 99.9% of airborne particles, including allergens like pet dander, dust mites, and mold.

The inspiration behind Respiray Wear A+ came from the personal struggles of the company's CEO, Karl Annus, who himself suffered from allergies to pollen and pet dander.

His struggles with allergies ignited the idea of creating a personal air purifier capable of effectively preventing airborne particles from entering a person's personal space. Using a whole room air purifier was not going to cut it. A dedicated team of designers, scientists, and engineers worked tirelessly to bring this vision to life, resulting in the revolutionary Wear A+ wearable air purifier.

Wear A+ allows you to eat, drink, express emotions, and interact with others. while breathing clean air. Besides providing relief, Respiray Wear A+ is comfortable to wear, weighing just under 9 ounces (250 grams), roughly the weight of a larger smartphone.

To use it, simply place the strap around your neck and activate it with the press of a button. The replaceable HEPA filters can be used for up to 200 hours or six months, and they are cost-effective to replace as needed. The battery, offering up to 10 hours of operation on a single charge, can be conveniently and rapidly recharged using the provided USB-C charging cable.

What truly sets Respiray Wear A+ wearable air purifier apart from many of its competitors is its scientifically proven effectiveness. Rigorous testing conducted by SGS, a renowned global leader in testing and certification, confirms the reliability of the HEPA filter in capturing 99.9% of airborne particles, including allergens, viruses, and pollutants.

It's essential to note that Wear A+ is intended for indoor use only. Sorry, it will not help with the morning run. However, you may enjoy its benefits on a calm day, while enjoying your favorite drink on the patio or deck.