Nasal Sinus Irrigation System – Sinus Relief Without the Use of Drugs

Nasal Sinus Irrigation System – Sinus Relief Without the Use of Drugs

We all know sinus infections can make you miserable. Pressure, pain, drainage and difficulty breathing are just some of the symptoms. But can sinus infections cause other problems?

Nasal washing or nasal sinus irrigation has been used throughout India and South East Asia for centuries to relieve chronic sinus infections, sinus headaches, and nasal irritation caused by pollen, dust, mold spores, smog, smoke, and other allergens. It has been used in the US for a little over a 100 years or so.

Nasal irrigation uses saline – just water & salt – to cleanse the sinuses. There is a wide variety of applicators available, nasal wash bottles, Neti pots and nasal sinus irrigation systems like  the SinuPulse® Sinus Nasal Irrigation system.

Many people swear by the Neti pot but in our opinion their effectiveness is limited because they rely on simple gravity and require the head be tilted in an awkward and uncomfortable position. On the plus side they are not very expensive.

Bottom line is if you suffer from sinus infection and sinus headaches you really should look into sinus irrigation. It is drug free, simple to do and you just might find that your nose will feel like something you want to keep.

Wishing you the best of health
Mike Krause