Nasal Irrigation Without the Neti Pot Mess

Nasal Irrigation Without the Neti Pot Mess

Fall allergy season has started and people are looking for relief from the nasty sinus pressure. They are looking for a non-drug solution

Nasal Sinus Irrigation – The Natural Solution

Irrigation of the nasal cavity is an ancient technique based on early homeopathic and yogic practices. The neti pot is the oldest form of nasal irrigation and was developed as an ayurvedic yoga tradition in ancient India.

The word “neti” means “nasal cleansing” and comes from the historical Indian language, Sanskrit.

We have heard from many customers they like the results from nasal irrigation but are tired of cleaning up.  For many using a neti-pot is messy and uncomfortable to use and do little to enhance the body’s natural defense – ciliary function.

There are a lot of factors that can make a neti pot more irritating than helpful. If you use too much salt, or water that is too hot or too cold, you can actually make your mucus problems worse. Irritated sinuses can lead to increased mucus production

Lucky for them we carry the full line of Sinupulse products for nasal irrigation without the mess.

We suggest they take a look at the nasal irrigation and wash systems from Health Solutions. They make products that are safe, effective and easy to use.

The Sinupulse Nasal Irrigation system uses a patented pulsating mist and irrigation to soothe and give you relief. The SinuAir Nasal wash system is perfect for people on the go or who have been using Neti- pots.

If you suffer with sinus problems, post nasal drip or congestion and you don’t want to rely on drugs then you may want to check these out.

Wishing you the best of health

You can find more information about fighting fall allergies with nasal irrigation here.