How to Clean Wood and Laminate Flooring

How to Clean Wood and Laminate Flooring

How to clean wood and laminate flooring is a question that we often get asked. For some reason, many people avoid wood flooring because they think it is too difficult to keep clean. This actually couldn’t be further from the truth. Wood and laminate floors are perfect for people with allergies and easy to keep clean. 

A clean floor begins with everyday maintenance. No matter how well you may clean, it’s the wear and tear you put on your floor on a daily basis that makes the most difference to wood and laminate floors.

Some wood and laminate surfaces can scratch easily, so use area rugs in heavy traffic areas. Avoid walking on your hardwood floors in shoes whenever possible. Taking your shoes off at the front door can make a big difference and reduce the dirt, mold and pollen in the house. 

The tendency to scratch also leads to a second tip. To remove loose dust and dirt, use a broom with soft bristles or use a dust mop. There are several kinds of dust mops available now that use soft dry cloths and they are ideal for wood and laminate floors. Personally we use the Allersearch Allerdust and an old tee shirt to clean our floors. 

Not surprisingly, water can be the primary enemy for wood floors. If water seeps in between the boards, it can cause them to warp and seams pop. Water can also stain some wood and even laminate surfaces if they get too wet. Never allow water to settle or remain for very long. Wipe it up as quickly as possible to prevent lasting damage. 

One of our customers suggested washing your floors with a vinegar and water mixture using a soft cloth instead of a traditional mop. She said you can get your floor clean without fear of scratching or damaging the surface by getting too much water on the flooring. She used a t-handle and rags. 

You need to apply a polish every so often to keep your hardwood floors looking shiny and new. There are several products on the market, so investigate all your options and choose one that is made specifically for wood and laminate floors. Also, make sure everybody knows when you wax the floor. Years ago I had a nasty fall because of socks and a newly waxed floor. 

It can seem intimidating but it’s really a very simple process. If you go about it correctly, you’ll have beautiful floors that are dirt and allergen-free, for a house that not only looks good but is healthy as well. Carpet really is a bad thing for people with allergies. 

Don’t assume that wood or laminate floors are too high maintenance for your home. Even in busy households, it is possible to maintain beautiful floors with just a few quick cleaning tips. So enjoy the flooring you’ve always wanted and don’t stress about keeping it clean, it’s much easier than it seems!

Wishing you the best of health

Mike Krause