Allergies and Fatigue

Allergies and Fatigue

Back in the day, before I was properly diagnosed with allergies, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue.  I had two small children, a responsible position at a large corporation, a husband, a house, a yard, and pets.

I would not accept a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue and insisted that my doctor not give up on the reason for my lack of energy.  Quite honestly, I just had too much to do to have Chronic Fatigue and I was young and otherwise healthy.  I never considered that allergies and fatigue could be related.

Lucky for me, the doctor decided to run another battery of tests that included allergy testing.  Allergies turned out to be the source of the problem.  Once I started 60 mg of Seldane every 12 hours my life returned to normal. I had energy and felt great.  I thought my problems were solved.

Unfortunately, Seldane started causing some problems in other people taking the drug.  The FDA removed it from the market and quite frankly I was screwed. All other medications came with such severe side effects, I could not take them.  When the allergies returned, the fatigue returned.  At least this time I knew they were related.

Only when I got my dust mite allergies under control by controlling my environment did I find relief again.  I have said and written over and over that my dust mite proof mattress covers, pillow covers, and other allergy-proof bedding are real life changers.

I know when my allergies aren’t controlled, I can’t think straight and my head feels fuzzy.  Now I know that the histamines coursing through my body could be causing decreased brain function. WOW!

If you are fatigued all the time or if you have trouble concentrating, you might want to show a copy of this article to your doctor and ask if allergy could be a possibility.  Allergy testing in not cheap but it may be the only thing you can do to find the problem. Who knows, help could be right around the corner.

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