7 Dust Mite Myths Busted

7 Dust Mite Myths Busted

WOW have the phones been ringing like crazy this week!

Seems like everyone has a question or two about dust mites.  We noticed that there are lots of misconceptions about things that dust mites do. We want to set the record straight.

Dust mites are biting me! 

No, dust mites aren’t biting you. They can’t bite you.

They don’t have a mouth with teeth.  Instead, they have an opening that scoops up shed bits of  skin. Instead of chewing their food the way we do, they secrete an enzyme that breaks the food down and begins digestion. Dust mites don’t have a  mouth, they don’t have teeth, they don’t chew, and dust mites don’t bite !

If your skin itches, it is more likely  an allergic reaction to the proteins that are found in the waste products of the dust mites.

I feel the dust mites crawling on me! 

Sorry, a dust mite is too small to see with the naked eye. You certainly can’t feel them walking around on your skin.

They may hitch a ride on your clothing, but dust mites don’t live on people. If you even want to see a dust mite, you will need at least a 10X magnification microscope.

Dust mites are escaping from my vacuum! 

No they are not. Dust mites aren’t mobile enough to crawl out of your vacuum cleaner. Dust mites (dead or alive) and their fragmented body parts, shed skins and feces only escape  your vacuum cleaner if it leaks through the exhaust.

Always vacuum with a HEPA-filtered vacuum to reduce dust mite allergens in homes.

Dust mites are flying around my house!

Dust mites don’t have wings. They can’t fly.

I feel them under my skin!

Those aren’t dust mites. Scabies, maybe, they burrow into the skin, not dust mites.

They are chewing through my mattress cover!

Dust mites don’t chew. If something is biting you it could be bed bugs.  Dust mite covers trap allergens and prevent them from becoming airborne. A high quality dust mite proof cover on your mattress and pillows will protect you from ites and bed bugs.

Got Questions?

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