Why Trust the Allergy Store

Why trust the Allergy Store?

Since 1989 The Allergy Store, family owned and operated, has been helping customers in South Florida, across the U.S. and around the world find non drug solutions to their problems with allergies and asthma. We know first hand what it is like to live with allergies every day and what it takes to make it better because we have them. 

We believe the Allergy Store carries the best and most effective allergy and asthma control products available out there. Over the years we have seen and tested 100's of products that various companies said would help people control their allergies. We found differently. Many did not work at all while others actually made matters worse.

We know the product we sell are effective and that they will help you because we have been using them in our home and office for years. We only carry products we use.

We strongly believe in educating our customers. You go to the doctor, they do their tests and then tell you are allergic to dust mites. Ok, now what? What products do you need? How do you use them? There are many things, simple things that you can do to control your indoor environment and in turn control your allergies and they won't cost you a penny.

If you have a question please give us a call. We will do our best to help you.

Our goal is simple, provide you and your family the best possible information and products that can help you improve the quality of your life. Clean Air.. Pure Water .. No Problem!

Wishing you the best of health.