Aquathin Water Purification Systems

At the Allergy Store we are committed to providing you and you family with the healthiest indoor environment possible. This is the reason we use and recommend water purification systems produced by the Aquathin Corporation.

They manufacture the worlds finest water purification systems available today. No One Does It Better!

People are living longer, healthier and productive lives. We are watching what we eat, getting more exercise and in general taking better care of ourselves. Yet interestingly enough, we pay very little attention to the water we drink, cook and bath with.

Just because the water looks tastes and smells good does not mean it is good.

Water is considered pure and clean when it leaves the local water treatment plant but can be contaminated by the time it reaches the tap. Small breaks in the underground lines allow contaminants in the soil to seep into the water and old lead and steel pipes can bleed into the water.

Even if none of the above happens your water still has salts, heavy metals, and bacteria in it. In some cases tap water has more chlorine in it than a swimming pool.

For more information on Aquathin and their outstanding line of water purification systems. 

If you don't see a purification system that you think is what you are looking for just give us a call. Aquathin manufactures over 70 different systems and also custom manufactures systems for specific water requirements.

GSA Advantage Supplier. For years Aquathin has been providing water purification system to Embassies and governmental installations around the world. Aquathin GSA Capabilities Statement

Aquathin teamed up with The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company to develop the 7 patented water treatment system that produces the special "Brooklynized" water which no one else in the world uses outside of New York. 

We are very honoured  that Aquathin has achieved Halal Certification from the esteemed IFANCA Organization (Islamic Food and Nutritional Council of America)Aquathin is the only water purification company to achieve Halal Certification. (See Certification)


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