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Dust Mite Mattress and Pillow CoversIf you suffer from dust mite allergies you know what it feels like to wake up with puffy watery eyes, runny nose and feeling like you did not get to sleep last night.

It's really is a bad way to start the day.

Stop suffering! Dust mites are the most common cause of allergies. The reason doctors recommend using allergy proof bedding is because it is the simplest, fastest and most effective way to control a dust mite infestation and protect and help you.

All of our zippered dust mite mattress and pillow covers completely encase your bedding to keep the dust mites and their allergens inside and most importantly away from you.

The Allergy Store offers a complete selection of tested and certified mite proof covers for your all your bedding. We have fabrics and prices to suit everyone's taste and budget.

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Pristine Luxury Covers

A luxuriously soft and supple 100% polyester micro-weave fabric that is specially manufactured to provide comfort and complete protection.

Pristine has the smallest pore size in the industry.

These elegant mite covers combine total allergen protection with a extraordinarily high level of comfort.  Membrane Free

 Prices starting at $74.95

Allersoft Cotton Blend Covers

Advanced non-membrane dust mite proof bedding material. 

Allersoft Blend is a superior micro-fiber fabric, tightly woven, 3.9 microns, a special blend of cotton and polyester (60/40). You will not even know the cover is on the bed.

Allersoft Blend fabric is an extremely effective dust mite allergen barrier.  Membrane Free


Prices starting at $47.95

AllergyCare Cotton Covers

100% cotton dust mite proof covers are perfect for cotton lovers.

This cotton fabric has not been chemically treated with resins and finishes making it supremely and naturally soft. 

The mean pore size of the  AllergyCare Cotton  fabric is 4.6 microns, which will protect against dust mites and other allergens.

Membrane Free



Prices starting at $28.95

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All allergy proof mattress encasings trap 99.95% of all allergens from dust mites, pet dander, mold and pollen.

AllergyCare Cotton Poly Covers


The classic mite cover. A blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester top fabric that is laminated to a unique breathable urethane membrane system.


Great choice for children's beds.


This dust mite cover has the crisp cool feel of linen. Water-Proof


Prices starting at $25.95

Stretch Knit Covers

Economical and effective.

Designed with the help of the pest control industry.

The  polyester stretch knit fabric is fused to the same unique breathable urethane membrane that our Linen covers are.

Completely dust mite & bed bug proof your mattress and pillows.  Water-Proof.

Prices starting at $23.95

AllergyCare Fitted Mattress Covers

Made from the same allergy fabric as our regular Linen dust mite mattress covers.

Made just like a fitted sheet, it covers all parts of the mattress but the bottom.

Don't worry about dust mites or bed bugs when you travel.

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Certified Organic Cotton Covers

Certified Organic Dust Mite Bedding Covers100% certified organic cotton dust mite mattress and pillow covers. SKAL and Oeko-Tex certified, this organic cotton dust mite barrier fabric is the most natural product available for mite protection.

Green, Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly.

100% organic means you and your family are not being exposed to any harsh chemicals or toxins. No Chemicals, dyes or any added treatments whatsoever have been used on the covers. Made in the U.S.A.

Prices starting at $64.95

More Information On Organic Mattress Covers


Easy Care Instructions: Machine wash hot water up to 140. Do not use any chlorine bleach. Machine dry on medium setting. Covers can also wash in cold or warm water with DeMite Laundry Additive or Allersearch Allergen Wash.

Special Note: Covers must be completely dry before putting them back on your mattress or pillows.

Customer Comments and Reviews:

Mike & Cheryl,

We have had your products for a few years. Used the mattress covers on another bed and had to replace it is the reason for the last order. Your encasings are fantastic! We bought some from Walmart and the quality was not nearly as good so we returned them. We wash everything weekly including vacuuming the house.

Stayed at my Mother's house in Virginia once and right away we had stuffy heads after sleeping in her bed. Purchased covers from you for her bed, and she stopped needing "any" allergy medication.

Thanks Again,
Bill & Debbie

Hi Mike

After putting the covers on our mattress, boxspring and pillows, we're so happy to let you know that our allergies have tremendously subsided. Every morning my husband would wake up with terrible mucus draining and now that has substantially been reduced and has almost eliminated his morning stomach problem. Also, our sleep is much more restful and rewarding. I should have ordered sooner.


The new bed mite covers we got from you are great. You were right when you said the 100% cotton covers were soft and cool. I thought the covers we got 10 years ago from the Allergy Store were good. These are even better.

It is so refreshing to find a company that has people like you who actually care about the customer.

M. Maynard - California

Not sure which dust mite cover is best for you?

Most adults use one of the membrane free fabrics on their bed. A membrane free  cover means the mean pore size, spaces between the fibers, is smaller that the allergens. Membrane free covers are lighter, cooler and offer protection from dust mites, pollen, mold spores and other allergens. The smaller the pore size, the better protection. The allergens from dust mites are in the 8 to 10 micron range.

For children we recommend either the AllergyCare Cotton Poly dust mite cover or Stretch Knit bed bug covers. They offer complete protection and have the added benefit of being water-proof. The urethane membrane the fabric is laminated to is what makes the fabric dust mite and bed bug proof and water-proof without making you hot.

If your concern is bed bugs we recommend  the Stretch Knit bed bug covers. The membrane makes it impossible for the dust mites to get in or out of the mattress.

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Don't forget Box Spring Covers. We carry two different covers for the box springs.

Vinyl box spring covers are made of heavy duty 6 gauge vinyl, not the cheap, thin 4 gauge that tears easily.

The SMS mattress covers are a light weight and breathable fabric that protects without the vinyl smell.

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