Zeolite Super Odor Eliminator - 1 lb Bag

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The 1lb bags of zeolite odor eliminator rocks are perfect for your refrigerator, freezer, kitchen cabinets, and drawers. We also put them in sock drawers, footlockers, and ice chests.

Discover the power of Zeolite, an all-natural odor absorber, and eliminator. Zeolite volcanic odor eliminator rocks and powder are 100% non-toxic to people and pets. A true "Green" odor control product.

Zeolite is safe, effective, and completely reusable for years. If you want to eliminate the odors and not just cover them up, then Zeolite is the way to go.

When placed in direct sunlight for approximately 8-10 hours, Zeolite expels the contaminants that it has absorbed, virtually recharging the Zeolite for another 6 to 8-month cycle. Zeolite, the natural odor control, gives you mega odor control in the home, office, shop ... anywhere!

Zeolite rocks are also available in 2lb bagsPut a 2 lb bag in your car or truck, hang it in the closet, oir put it behind the litter box or in the boat.