RoBathol Bath Oil


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RoBathol Bath Oil is a cottonseed oil-based bath oil, that cleanses, moisturizes soothes, and relieves dry skin as well as provides sun-protection benefits. Cottonseed oil is rich in Vitamin E (a great nutrient for the skin, and protector and hydrator of skin cells).

Great for those with eczema, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis. Safe to use on all skin types and is free of common chemical irritants. Use in your bath or shower. 16 oz bottle.

  • Naturally cleansing
  • Biodegradable
  • Contains NO perfume, lanolin, dyes, preservatives, or mineral oil
  • Disperses in hard or soft water
  • Helps maintain the skin's normal flexibility and resilience
  • Can be used in the bathtub, shower, or basin bath
  • Recommended for daily use
  • RoBathol™ Bath Oil comes in a 16 fl. oz. bottle.

* Although RoBatholTM Bath Oil is recommended by many pediatricians and dermatologists, it is not intended for facial use as it may irritate the eyes.

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