IQAir AirVisual Pro Air Quality Monitor

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What's in your air? The IQAir AirVisual Pro air-quality monitor will keep you updated on the air-quality in your home, office and the outdoors. The AirVisual Pro monitors PM2.5, CO2, temperature and humidity both indoors and outdoors and displays the data both on the monitor and on the AirVisual app and website.

The IQAir AirVisual Pro features predictive 3-day air-quality forecasting so you can plan outdoor activities based on the forecast. The AirVisual Pro works with the AirVisual Pro app so users can monitor their indoor air quality readings in real time from anywhere in the world.

The AirVisual Pro empowers you to:

Take your AirVisual Pro with you and monitor invisible threats to your health.

Compare your Indoor Air Quality with your outdoor air. Discover local air pollution sources.

Know before you go with 72-hour pollution & weather forecasts - it's a new era in health planning!

Take Action
Smart technology provides personalized alerts, tips & advice. Breathe the cleanest air possible.

The AirVisual Pro combines cutting-edge laser technology, airflow control, and a crafted calibration algorithm to achieve the most accurate data available on a consumer air quality monitor. The monitor’s large 5” color LCD screen simultaneously displays real-time indoor and local outdoor air quality. In addition, it offers three-day outdoor air quality forecasts and provides tailored recommendations to optimize air quality and minimize air pollution exposure. The AirVisual Pro monitors PM2.5, CO2, temperature and humidity both indoors and outdoors and displays the data both on the monitor and on the AirVisual app and website.

See the invisible

Instantly see invisible threats from dangerous microscopic fine particles (PM2.5). The AirVisual Pro’s cutting-edge technology empowers you to conveniently monitor your air anytime, anywhere.

World's largest air quality data network

Access the most accurate and comprehensive global air quality data available through a simple widget or API.

If This, Then That (IFTTT)

No programming skills? No problem! Save time, save money, and save your breath with AirVisual Pro and If This Then That (IFTTT) compatibility.

Link your AirVisual Pro to all your connected home technology, or set up alerts about air quality changes for your smartphone, and bring the power of clean air into your 21st-century lifestyle.

Using a simple string of commands, your AirVisual Pro communicates with Smart Home devices to maximize clean air while minimizing home HVAC costs. Here are just a few ways you can use AirVisual Pro + IFTTT applets (or create your own!):

  • Reduce PM2.5 Levels: Run your home air purification system to lower concentrations of indoor pollutants (compatible with the IQAir NanoMax, PerfectHome, and PerfectHome Plus systems)
  • Be Air Smart: Run your HVAC system based on air quality readings, saving you energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint
  • Connect to WiFi: Have your AirVisual turn on your HVAC system when your smartphone is in proximity to your home WiFi network so that you have fresh, clean air as soon as you get home (and aren’t running it all the time while you’re out, saving electricity costs)
  • Disperse Dangerous CO2: Run your HVAC fan or open an air exchanger when CO2 levels are high.

Use existing AirVisual IFTTT applets or create your own custom functions to serve your own air quality needs: the possibilities are (literally) limitless.