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Door Filter



Introducing “Door Filter™” A newly developed, innovative, North American filtration product designed to improve the indoor air quality within apartment and condo units.

Among the most common complaints of apartment and condo dwellers is the issue of poor indoor air quality. Unlike single home owners, many of our customers that live in hi rise buildings are always concerned about what they are being exposed to from the hallways or neighbors. The Door Filter™ technology provides a simple, elegant and cost-effective solution that works with and enhances the existing corridor ventilation system.

The door filter captures a variety of air pollutants and odors while still allowing proper air movement from the corridor to the apartment unit. Door Filter™ is an easy to install and maintain filtration system that is fitted and secured to the bottom of the inside face of an entry door and lined with a door sweep (to seal off units). A removable multi-stage air filter is placed inside the device. Small openings in the ABS allow air to pass through the device and internal filter promoting clean airflow into the apartment unit.

The air purifier system has the added benefit of decreasing noise and eliminating light transfer from the corridor into the suite. In short, with Door Filter™, you can now add fresh air to the many benefits of apartment living.

Benefits of Door Filter™

  • Door Filter™ will reduce your air of unwanted airborne particulates such as: Dust Pet Dander Cooking Fumes (from other units) Odors Microbes
  • Door Filter™ will also reduce other irritants originating from the common corridors such as: Noise Llight Bugs and Pests

Specifications :

  • Color: White or Brown Housing
  • High impact ABS plastic
  • Replacement Filter - Change Every 6 Months

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