Bed Bug Solution Mattress Encasing - Queen 6"

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AllergyCare Solution bed bug proof mattress covers were designed with the help of pest control and bed bug exterminators and the fabric was independently tested by Snell Scientifics, LLC. 

The tests confirmed that bed bugs cannot chew through the bed bug cover fabric and the zippers prevent any bed bugs from getting out once the bed is covered. (Read Test Results).

The membrane material used in the construction of our cover is so effective at blocking particles and fluids that it has passed independent lab tests (ASTM F1670-08(2014)e1) to ensure it meets the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) standard. 

This is the same test used on surgical gowns laboratory coats, coveralls, vests, jackets, aprons, surgical gowns, and full bodysuits. (Read Test Results

AllergyCare Solution Bed Bug Proof Mattress Encasing can be found in fine hotels, B&B's, resorts around the world as well as hospitals, adult living facilities, school housing, and shelters.