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Allergy Resource Center

Allergy Bedding is Step 1 in Fighting Dust Mite Allergies
After finding out you suffer from allergies it’s important that you don’t let this problem overwhelm you. The first step in keeping your allergies under control is by covering your bed, pillows and box spring with dust mite proof allergy bedding. view more»
How to Evaluate Allergy Filters
There as been a rising interest in allergy filters for the home over the last several years. Once something only purchased by people with chronic health conditions, more and more people are aware of the need for cleaner indoor air. view more»
Natural Remedies for the Relief of Allergy Symptoms
Many of our customers are asking us to help them find safe, natural ways to treat their allergy symptoms and give them relief because they are worried about side effects of drugs. They tell us they feel sleepy and groggy when they take their drugs. Another reason they want natural relief is the costs associated with drugs. view more»
What are Bed Bugs and What to Do if You Get Them
The incidence of bed bugs in the United States is increasing to the point where they can affect anyone and anywhere.In the past couple of years, bed bug infestations have been increasingly observed the U.S. view more»
Adding Up The Cost Of Allergy Testing
For individuals who suffer seasonal or recurring reactions to various trigger substances, allergy testing can be a crucial and necessary step toward receiving proper treatment. Of course, this kind of testing doesn’t come without a price. view more»
Allergy Shots - How Long Before They Start Working
This type of therapy is slow. It can take a long period of time before it can work. Just like everything, much depends on the person and their immune system. view more»
How Do Bed Bug Covers Work
We get this question several times a week so I will tell you what we tell our customers. A bed bug cover completely encases the mattress, box springs or pillow. view more»
How Accurate are Allergy Tests
While allergy tests are recommended as the only sure way to isolate individual triggers and successfully treat symptoms, there is some question about just how accurate these tests really are. view more»
HEPA Air Cleaners are Important

Indoor air has dust, chemicals, pet dander, pollen mold, dust mite parts and in some cases cigarette smoke and can cause all sorts of respiratory illness and disease. Cleaning up the air in the home is the most important step a homeowner can take in order to make indoor breathing conditions at safe levels. That is where a high quality HEPA air cleaner will help.

view more»
Is Homework Keeping Your Child From Sleeping Right
Quality sleep and homework may sound like an unusual combination, but the two actually have a distinct connection. And it is a more serious issue than you might think, as kids need more sleep to function properly than adults do. view more»

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