Child's Viscose Clothing

Skinnies children's viscose clothing is ideal if you suffer from an allergic skin condition like eczema or dermatitis. The seam-free design will not irritate your skin like other eczema clothing.

Wear Skinnies viscose dry under your clothing to soothe and prevent scratching of irritated skin. If you need to wear it wet they keep messy emollients and medications in place.

The National Eczema Association has awarded the Seal of Acceptance™ to Skinnies™.

Skinnies Benefits

  • Seamfree technology - no more friction, less bulky and freedom to move
  • Upgraded design - they look more fashionable than medical
  • Our trademarked yarn is hypoallergenic
  • Better body fit - more comfortable, superbly soft, and wearable
  • Different colors - they don't look medical, and kids love them
  • Durable - tested to withstand more than 50 washes for real durability

Skinnies viscose is a plant-based fiber that is actually less harmful to the environment than regular cotton. Skinnies viscose clothing has the following benefits:

  • Each garment is produced individually in one piece with no seams or stress points
  • Soft, durable, and comfortable to wear > Reduces friction and improves temperature regulation
  • Excellent for both wet and dry wrapping
  • Breathable, absorbent and does not trap body heat
  • Sizes and colors to fit all children. See sizing and color chart